Writing an Outstanding Statement of Research Interests

When applying for a faculty position, post-doc, or Ph.D. post, you must present a research interest statement alongside your Curriculum Vitae (CV). The statement of research interests is a form that showcases your research to the present date, future endeavors, and interests. A research interest statement length is usually capped at three pages. However, the length may differ depending on the hirer’s needs.

Importance of Research Interest statements

The document can aid your recruitment by giving employers a glimpse of your talents. Here is what employers will deduce from the statement:

  • The tandem between the hirer’s research and your interests
  • Your competence and interests
  • Your logical thinking proficiency
  • Critical thinking outside supervision
  • Your desire for research

The research interest statement will enable you to:

  • Chart your career and acquire confidence
  • Detail and mull over your future research interests

The requirements for the statement differ depending on the position you are eyeing. Most faculty positions applications will require you to avail of a separate file. At the same time, others will only need you to incorporate the statement in your (CV).

Post-doc-doc and Ph.D. Openings Research Interest Statement for

If the statement is part of your CV, shoot for 400 words or a page at maximum. Be careful not to rephrase your CV. To avoid rewriting, define the research interests concisely. Touch on your ideas, passions, and unique skills.

Use a story format to structure the statement. Start with an introduction, follow with the main paragraph, throw in your ensuing research plans, and finish with a conclusion. Here is a breakdown:


It gives the reader a summary of the guides and contents of your application.

Main Paragraph

The paragraph makes the cornerstone of the research interest statement. It’s full of your present research and upcoming research projects. If you have handled a bunch of projects, try intertwining them to build a connection. Express what intrigued you about the projects and why the passion still fires on.

Break down the statement by using a story. This way, the statement will linger longer in the receiving party’s mind. You can also lightly detail pertinent recognitions like grants, awards, presentations, and papers. Write your statement in a broad context to enhance its visualization.

Future Research Ideas

The section highlights your goals, usually short-term ones spanning up to five years. The contents of this paragraph vary based on the position applied. For a Ph.D., include the extra technical skill you want to accrue and how you aim to increase your scope of a specific field.

For post-doc, go heavy on the details. Describe your plan to become an independent scientist. Mention how your goals are in tandem with the employer’s research. Highlight the collaborations you will bring on board and the departments you will gain partnering with.


Under a single sentence, show why you are primed for the job.

Faculty Position Application Research Interest Statement

Applications for faculty positions need extra details, pushing the length of the statement up to five pages. The structure remains solid, although the plans change to long-term. Incorporate preliminary data in a precise and detailed way. Ensure you touch on the potential funds your project may inject into the faculty. Also, mention the space and laboratory equipment you need from the department.

Important Tips:

Use a Format

Use clear subject headers, bullet lists, and single-line spacing. Use intelligible and clear language to boost clarity.

Write a Custom Statement

Do not use a template to craft a research interest statement. Instead, tailor each statement according to the position you have your eyes on.

Zero on Your Qualifications

Show why you are the dream candidate. Connect your interests, proficiency, and the department to show your fit. Always ensure your goals affiliate well with those of the employer.

When writing a research statement, ensure it fits the program and is informative about you and your past and future aspirations. If the research statement is presenting challenges, contact Proficient Admissions Writers for help. Our ardent writers will craft you a winning research interest statement

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