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Understanding the GRE Waiver

A GRE Waiver letter is sent to the admissions board seeking an exemption from the GRE test. In the letter, you must convince the admission board that your abilities and talents are at par with those with excellent GRE scores.

The GREs gauge the following:

Analytics- your ability to use the information to discuss, analyze and give a viewpoint.

Quantitative proficiency- the test evaluates your aptitude in using arithmetic, geometry, introductory algebra, and problem-saving.

Verbal ability- Your capacity to apply reasoning skills and interpret content. You must possess good mastery and comprehension of English.

Based on the features of the test, a waiver is only given under extraordinary circumstances. The conditions shift from school to school and individual programs. You can acquire a waiver based on:

  • Good educational background- you can skip the test if you can prove your reasoning, analytical and mathematical abilities through your academic qualifications. You must present certificates from accredited schools to support your bid. The degrees must bear a good GPA.
  • Work experience- a promising career can back up your analytical and quantitative skills. It will help to vouch for your skills showing your talent in interpreting and comprehending complex situations. If you show that your work experience equates to the test, your waiver letter request will sail through.
  • Previous GRE score- if you have done a GRE score test before, you can use it to claim a waiver from the school. However, remember that a GRE score is valid for five years.
  • Authentication from your professional superior or department head will suffice.

In the end, waiving GRE scores lies in the program. Reminisce that you will be gauged against other candidates. Your letter must be top tier to boost your chances.

Writing GRE Waiver Request Letter

When writing a waiver request, you can follow this structure:

First paragraph: Give an overview of why you should be given the waiver while stating that you want the waiver.

Body: This section contains up to three paragraphs. Discuss the last decade of your career that relates to the features of the GRE test. You can also present the last five years of graduate-level research you took part in. integrate examples that depict your skills.

Conclusion: Finish by thanking the recipient.

Programs that waive GRE

GRE is available in many graduate programs covering both Ph.D. and Masters. Every department within the programs has its rules for admission. A section of the programs is doing away with the GRE and replacing it with these tests:

  • GMAT test for Business
  • LSAT for Law
  • MCAT test for health and medicine programs

Another section accepts both GMAT and GRE scores. In addition, hordes of individual departments and universities are substituting GRE with resumes, recommendations, and past academic records. However, most US graduate programs will need a GRE score in your application.

The contrast between GRE Fee Waiver and GRE Waiver Letter

The waiver letter should not be confused with the fee waiver. The GRE fee waiver helps to cut the money you need to do the GRE. Here are the essentials for the GRE fee waiver:

  • If you receive monetary aid as a college senior.
  • If you have an Institutional Student Information Report (ISIR) as a college senior.
  • If you are jobless and you receive compensation.
  • A graduate of ISIR.

To apply,

Visit the financial aid office of your prospective undergraduate or graduate school. The office will ascertain your eligibility and hand you a copy of ISIR and a fee reduction certificate.

A good GRE waiver letter enables you to avoid the test. Proficient Admissions Writers will help you with writing a convincing GRE letter. We will use a personal story to craft an inspirational piece. Reach us today for transcendent services.

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